Communicating With Video


Our Approach

Even if you are only interested in buying a small signage player, we want to talk to you about how you're using it. If we hear something that we've had experience with in the past, we'll tell you about our experience with it- the day you call us. We work like this because every single problem we're run into in the past is something we're proud of having overcome and something we've studied to learn how better to serve our customers. Our projects are a great source of pride for us because we keep involved in them and constantly seek to make what we originally completed better each time we talk to you.

Added Value

Most of our customers are in Northern Ohio but we've worked with customers from New York to Oregon. We are dedicated to details and success and work tirelessly at any hour of the day or night and anywhere we're needed. We're also available on the phone 24/7- so if you ever have a problem, you can call us and we'll be ready to identify the problem and plot out a solution. Our value is in our tireless execution of finishing things to your satisfaction- whatever that satisfaction requires.

Some success stories

Wide Area Media started as streaming video and video conferencing consultants. Our chief goal has always been to get you using video over networks to make you successful with products and technologies that are available. The past few years has seen a huge spike in video over networks. Wide Area Media has been working with it since before YouTube and other video services...

UTMC Digital Signage Network

University of Toledo Medical Center

In 2008 The University of Toledo acquired the Medical Universities of Ohio and created the University of Toledo Medical Center, a first-class hospital bring first-class physicians and students together to offer world-class care in a world-class facility. A signage network had been set up previously but was experiencing problems with management and uptime. Wide Area Media started out replacing the signage infrastructure and soon tripled the number of displays. Today, the video signage network at UTMC delivers content for a variety of internal marketing, donor appreciation, waiting room engagement and patient television. Wide Area Media continues to expand the UTMC video network into the future.

American Greetings Enterprise Video Network

American Greetings

When American Greetings called us in 2006 to pilot a local streaming infrastructure, we listened to their needs and entered a consulting relationship that has continued to this day. Initially serving corporate communications on-demand videos, Wide Area Media helps American Greetings get their corporate communications out using the Internet as well as their Enterprise infrastructure. Live and on-demand video is becoming an increasingly important part of their internal communications and Wide Area Media continues to support and serve.

Cuyahoga County Grand Jury Video Testimony

Cuyahoga County

When Cuyahoga County was seeking to increase the efficiency and reduce costs in their court system, Wide Area Media worked with over 15 municipalities and the Courts to provide hardware and software allowing Grand Jury witness testimony from police officers to be given from municipal police stations removing the need for long trips across Cuyahoga County to give minutes of testimony. The Grand Jury testimony system is now one of the most used video applications in Cuyahoga County. Wide Area Media continues to work with Cuyahoga County and the courts system providing service, support and implementation.

Premier West Bank Video Training

Premier West Bank

Premier West Bank, a growing local bank in Medford Oregon was experiencing so much growth they needed to quickly train their employees as far south as Red Bluff California and as far North as Roseburg Oregon. Wide Area Media arrived in Medford and drove up and down Interstate 5 assembling a series of video conferencing carts and training users in each location to transmit and receive multi-point training to all locations simultaneously. Wide Area Media then sat down with Premier West and outlined a future plan making it simple for them to grow and add endpoints without incurring further travel costs from Wide Area Media.