Communicating With Video

Video Carts

video carts
The WVC800 featuring easy-access locking rear door

The Advantage of Mobility

The Videoconferencing Unit

The core of the video conferencing cart is the video conferencing unit that both displays your remote meeting participants as well as transmits video of your end to the remote participants.

Some capabilities to think about:

The Polycom HDX Videoconferencing unit
The Polycom HDX videoconferencing unit with camera, microphone and Remote.
LG 55L 55" display(Left) with a larger bezel and a Samsung ME55A 55" display(right) with a smaller bezel.

Screens and Displays

Video screens come in a vast array of capabilities, quality and cost. Sometimes a less expensive screen will provide adequate resolution and display, but often the visual impact of a large, properly selected display makes all the difference. Consider the following when selecting a display for your video conferencing cart:

The RPS-500LG
The RPS500-S, a single-display video cart with exposed video conferencing unit, locking drawer and speakers (not video conferencing unit shown).