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Video Justice

Cuyahoga County Justice Center Video Arraignment
Wide Area Media played a key role in managing, installing and training Cuyahoga County's Video Arraignment program in 2007.

Video Arraignment

Increasing the security of government employees and the public is a top priority in the judicial and law enforcement community. Wide Area Media video conferencing solutions meet that objective by creating protected legal and penal environments and reducing the potential for courtroom violence through high quality, life-like video interactions. Wide Area Media video conferencing solutions also optimize time and resources by removing the requirement for defendants, victims, judges, and counsel to sit in the same room during preliminary proceedings.

Many judicial systems, law enforcement and correction agencies also use Wide Area Media video conferencing solutions to:

Video Grand Jury Testimony
Wide Area Media's system (installed in 2007) used in Grand Jury Video Testimony has become one of the most used video applications in Cuyahoga County.

The reasons why more organizations choose Wide Area Media are clear: our video conferencing solutions effectively streamline the legal process by enabling participants and observers to "have their day in court" without traveling far distances. Medical, forensic and other experts can testify from their offices, broadening the use of expert testimony. And everyone - defendants, witnesses, judges, and lawyers - can reclaim time they once spent waiting for scheduled court appearances.

  • Telejustice Solutions Maximize Productivity
  • Video Solutions for All Steps in the Legal Process
  • Need for Remote Testimony Increases - The demand for remote testimony for forensics experts, the infirm, and juveniles has increased significantly due to court decisions and laws that encourage the use of technology to ensure justice is served.
  • Corrections Applications

    Wide Area Media collaboration solutions can also be effectively used for the following:

    Courtroom Applications

    Wide Area Media collaboration solutions are widely used for the following:

    Wood County Jail Video Arraignment
    Wide Area Media specified, installed and supports Wood County Justice Center's video arraignment equipment providing service to Northwood, Perrysburg and Fostoria courts..